You can stay up to date on my latest work here, but here’s a mess of stuff I’ve enjoyed reporting over the years for the Alaska Public Radio Network, NPR, APM’s Marketplace, PRI’s Living on Earth and the World, and The Economist.


“Alaska National Guard Scandal Adds Pressure To Election,” NPR’s All Things Considered (10.5.14)

“A Kinder, Gentler Militia?: Alaska’s Movement Rebrands,” Alaska News Nightly (8.15.14)

“Will Alaskans Vote To Repeal State’s Tax Cut On Oil Production?,” NPR’s Morning Edition (8.13.14)

“For Seattle Cops, Marijunana Biz is Business as Usual,” Alaska News Nightly (7.7.14)

“New State Law to Bring Back Universal Vaccine Access,” Alaska News Nightly (6.20.14)

“One Year After Galena Flood, Rebuilding Effort is Underway,” Alaska News Nightly (6.16.14)

“With Wedding on the Line, Plaintiffs Prep for Same Sex Marriage Challenge,” Alaska News Nightly (6.16.14)

“Libertarian Party Sees Opportunities in GOP Fractures,” Alaska News Nightly (5.9.14)

“The Battle of Dude Creek,” Alaska News Nightly (10.25.13)

“Signature Gathering: A Budding Business,” Alaska News Nightly (10.3.13)

“Alaska Moves to Regulate Cruise Ship Kickbacks,” Marketplace Morning Report (8.20.13)

“Alaska Scores Low On Lobbying Transparency,” Alaska News Nightly (7.30.13)

“How Much Are Companies Spending Lobbying in Juneau?,” Alaska News Nightly (7.25.13)

“Palin Talks Senate Run, But State GOP Hears Radio Silence,” Alaska News Nightly (7.10.13)

“Wisconite Petitions For Right To Distribute Alaska Petitions,” Alaska News Nightly (5.17.13)

“Decades After WWII, Alaska’s First Governor Gets His Discharge Papers,” Alaska News Nightly (5.6.13)

“After Quiet Change To State Rules, An Unintended Parking Holiday In Many Cities,” Alaska News Nightly (4.23.13)

“For Alaska Cities, Lobbying Pays,” Alaska News Nightly (4.10.13)

“Budget Cuts Could Eliminate Access To Pre-School For Many,” Alaska News Nightly (3.27.13)

“State Legislators Coming Together To Make Music,” Alaska News Nightly (3.7.13)

“State Cracking Down On Cruise Industry ‘Thugs’,” Alaska News Nightly (2.6.13)

“Freshman Legislators Get Situated In Juneau,” Alaska News Nightly (1.15.13)

“Bingo,” AK (12.7.12)

“Print Shops: The Unsung Victors Of Alaska’s Elections,” Alaska News Nightly (11.12.12)

“Recovered Seal Returned To Unalaska Waters,” Alaska News Nightly (10.1.12)

“Ghost Town,” AK (9.7.12)

“Adak Makes Push Toward Hydropower,” Alaska News Nightly (9.3.12)

“Independence,” AK (7.13.12)

“The Goose” AK (6.15.12)

“Bald Eagles on the Attack” Alaska News Nightly (5.16.12)

“Pets And Wildlife Deliver YouTube Stardom To Alaska Woman” N3 (5.16.12)

“Small Town’s Police Blotter Is A Riot,” NPR’s Weekend Edition (4.7.12)

“A New Generation of Fishermen,” AK (12.2.11)

“Catch-Processor Endures Fire at Sea,” Alaska News Nightly (10.3.11)

“Sailor Charts Solo Trip Into the Record Books,” NPR’s Weekend Edition (10.1.11)

“Quake Triggers Warning in Aleutian Islands, But No Tsunami,” NPR News and Northwest News Network (9.3.11)

“Pollock Fleet Asks, ‘Where Are the Fish?'” Alaska News Nightly (8.31.11)

“St. Paul Celebrates Fur Seal Treaty Centennial” National Native News and Alaska News Nightly (8.11.11)

“Last Minute Offers May Keep Alaska Newspapers Alive” Alaska News Nightly (8.1.11)

“The Culinary Swap” AK (7.1.11)

“NASA Wraps Up ICESCAPE Mission” Alaska News Nightly (6.28.11)

“Tustumena Ferry Hosts Health Fair For Aleutian Tribes” Alaska News Nightly (6.22.11)

“Scientists Use Drones To Study Steller Sea Lions” Alaska News Nightly (6.21.11)

“Unalaska Group Engages in Unusual Spring Cleanup” Alaska News Nightly (5.25.11)

“Alyeska Trading Company to Close Its Doors” Alaska News Nightly (4.6.11)

“Lost Villages Project Enables Elders to Visit Homes of Their Ancestors,” Alaska News Nightly (9.8.10)

“Coast Guard’s Westernmost Station to be Decommissioned,” Alaska News Nightly (8.16.10)

“Two Towns Anticipate Fresh Water Market,” Alaska News Nightly (7.26.10)

“Gitmo and the World Cup,” The World (6.22.10)

“Topi Love” [mp3, transcript], Living on Earth (8.14.09)

“Inauguration Day in Washington, DC: To Washington, by truck,” The Economist (1.18.09)

“Inauguration Day in Washington, DC: It kind of brings me back,” The Economist (1.18.09)

“Inauguration Day in Washington, DC: Scouting for a view,” The Economist (1.18.09)

“Inauguration Day in Washington, DC: Superobama,” The Economist (1.18.09)

“Lava Land” [mp3, transcript], Living on Earth (7.4.08)

“Comfort Food for Chimps” [mp3, transcript], Living on Earth (5.9.08)

“Eco-Christmas Trees” [mp3, transcript], Living on Earth (12.14.07)

“Poplar sponges” [mp3, transcript], Living on Earth (11.16.07)

“Flying high on wind power,” Living on Earth (10.26.07)


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