“Rainbow Whale Volcano” Should Probably Be a Chillwave Band

tryabanxxx explosion sideproject

So, my birthday was a couple of weeks back (where my Virgos at?), and it was as relaxed as could be: brunching, hiking, napping, and hanging out with a few choice people. Without question, the highlight was spending my daylight hours fishing salmon out at Broad Bay with my friend Jeff.

It was gray and spitting rain when we skiffed over there, but the water was flat-calm. We set his gillnet, made hot toddies, and ate surimi and crackers as we waited for the silvers to get tangled up. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but a handful of times. Fortunately, the weather cleared and the slow fishing allowed us to sneak away across the bay and out near the Eider Point volcano, where a pod of whales was feeding.

The whole thing was straight off the cover of a Lisa Frank three-ring notebook. Every time a whale would blow, there would be this cotton-candy puff of rainbow that would shine and fade for all of a second. I’m not sure what it was about the light that day that caused that, but I’ve never seen anything like it.


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